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The Year One trailer online

HaroldRamis.jpgThe trailer for The Year One, the comedy of stone age tribes from Harold Ramis, is now online and right here to view.

The film stars Jack Black and Michael Cera as two stone age men struggling to get along in life. They're lazy and always looking for the quick way out, and when the tribe get fed up of them they kick them out, and that's when the world's first road trip begins...or so the trailer tells us.

The pair then encounter all manner of strangeness, from biblical stories to Romans, all sort of changing historical time lines, but then it is a comedy and nothing meant to be taken too seriously.

Michael Cera's character, called Oh, has fallen in love with June Diane Raphael's character, Maya, but she doesn't even see him while they are in the tribe. On their journey after their exclusion Oh sees Maya captured and turned into a slave, and he's convinced he's going to save her.

What has me excited about this is that the story is original, if the plot isn't exactly - but then what is nowadays? - and that Harold Ramis is directing. Now those are good points.

For me though the question is whether Jack Black and Michael Cera partake of the standard American comic fare, or if Ramis has pulled out something a bit more intelligent and a bit more funny.

Judging by the trailer that follows I think he might have delivered something with a bit more wit and style than most. Here's the trailer for The Year One.



Looks good. I like Cera's sense of humor.


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