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Tyson trailer online, claims of lies

MikeTyson.jpgThe trailer for the Mike Tyson documentary, Tyson, is online and it looks rather good, and that's coming from someone who isn't exactly a Tyson fan.

This is the international trailer for the film by James Toback that has an unprecedented access to Mike Tyson and his life. Combining original interviews with archive footage, we discover the real Mike Tyson through his own words.

It's certainly a great topic to cover, the life of the controversial ex-Heavyweight Champion of the World Mike Tyson, a controversy that seems to have followed him even into this reportedly open and honest look into his life and career.

Reading the full blurb for the Tyson film on IMDB is a bit of a revelation, for there is a rather long message from Steve Lott, an ex-assistant manager of Tyson's from 1985 to 1988, who sounds far from happy with the film portrayal.

“As the former assistant manager of Mike Tyson I was shocked at the lies and fabrications Mike told in this movie. I was asked to screen this documentary by ESPN which owns the rights to most of the various Tyson fight videos used in the movie. I was more interested in what Mike had to say...

...In this film Mike completely ignores the period, 1985-1988. when he was a super hero with original managers Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs...

...Mike was interviewed by the New York Times before he went to Cannes for the debut of the movie. In the interview he told lie after lie about his life. Here is a link to the article: Here is the link to the letter I wrote to the Times that was printed:...”

You can read that interview over at the New York Times, and his ex-assistant manager's printed response.

They make for interesting reading, and it's clear that there's some fabrication of the truth going on somewhere, and Steve Lott has published a fair bit of information and letter exchanges over at the archived CBZ News page. There you can read more about how Lott believes the documentary is falsified in parts and how Tyson really was. There he goes onto say:

“Mike’s lies and fabrications shocked me...Especially when he called Jacobs and Cayton ‘Slave Masters.’ I have seen the documentary and it is obvious that Mike continues to surround himself with people interested only in their own good.”

It does make for some interesting reading, although sometimes it seems as though Lott is not doing himself any favours.

While Tyson's new team try to get him back in the limelight with the documentary followed by books, comic books and videogames, it seems that his past isn't happy to let him go just yet.

However despite what a mess he made of his life later on and the mistakes he made to get to this point, you have to wonder why he would lie about the rest of it, citing that he was addicted to drugs and drink from the beginning, and his glory years were far from that from the inside.

Regardless of that battle, the documentary looks to be an interesting one, and if those saying that he's lying about the past have any sense, they might just make a counter documentary of their own, and perhaps we'll see some more of the truth behind the scenes.

Either way, whoever is telling the truth, this film will make for some interesting viewing. Here's the trailer.



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