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Verbinski's animated Rango revealed

GoreVerbinski.jpgWe've heard a few titbits about the casting for Gore Verbinski's Rango already, and that it's going to be an animated tale about a household pet who thinks he's a cowboy living desert town and acting out a Western, and that although it's animation the actors will act out the scenes and these will be used for the animation. All in all sounding like a rather crude motion capture.

Well today one of the actors on the film has revealed some more information about it, Stephen Root plays a drunk rabbit and a banker owl in the film and has been talking about the film and the process behind it.

“All of us played animals...Johnny Depp played a lizard, Isla Fisher played a lizard, I played a drunk rabbit and a banker owl.”

We knew about the Lizard casting, and very fine casting it is too, but we get some interesting behind the scenes information on Rango from Stephen Root through MTV.

“We actually rented a soundstage on the Universal lot and shot the whole film, 8 pages a day...

...We used no makeup, but some costumes and some sketch scenery and props...We’d shoot a scene, then go over to another part of the stage and record the lines clean for the animation. We’ll continue to do that for the next two years.”

Two years? That's an incredible amount of time for the shoot, but hopefully most of it will be taken up by the animation and not by the actors leaping around the stage! Well of course not, and it seems they are speeding up the process of filming the action and recording the dialogue right afterwards, instead of making them two separate processes.

“Gore wanted to see our movements, our expressions, what camera angles he wants [the animators] to use…It was huge that Johnny would come in and do this for him.”

That would explain a lot about the strange process involved and why it was filmed that way however we'll have a long wait to see some footage from the film, it's due for release in 2011.

Sounds interesting, although is it going to be interesting behind the scenes and then just turn out to look like any other animated film? The casting and story do promise something very different though.



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