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Watchmen interactive trailer online: New footage

Watchmen_Poster.jpgThere's an interactive trailer online for Watchmen and it contains tons of footage, if you can reveal it that is, and a lot of footage that we've not even seen yet, but soon will.

Through the voice and interactions with Rorschach we get to meet the other characters in the film through his eyes and voiceover, and it's getting me more and more excited for the film.

However I'm stuck. After some decent amounts of footage Rorschach asks you to guess some of the rorschach test images, a key to each character in the film and a way to find more footage of the character.

I managed to get all of them bar two, and for the life of me I can't figure out what the two remaining ones are, perhaps it's just my mind, but I can't associate an image with them correctly. Why don't you try and let me know what the two remaining images are in the comments, in the meantime have a go for yourself and see all that extra footage and Rorschach voiceover.

You can head to the Watchmen: 6 Minutes to Midnight site through Coming Soon and try it for yourself, it's a nice little promo for the film.

Ooh, I got another one! Wait, while I was typing I got the last one too! Okay, if you'd like them I can easily add them into the comments.

However if you don't want to play, then the videos are just coming online, without Rorschach's voiceover and with the soundtrack from the actual film. I'll add them in as soon as I have them.

The clock is ticking until the Watchmen are released.

Update: Here are the character videos from the site. I would suggest you go through the site though because the videos revealed there are different and have the unique voice over talking about each character.

The Comedian

Dr. Manhattan

Nite Owl



Silk Spectre




I'm missing the one for Dr.Manhattan, looks like some sort of bladed contraption - windmill, helicopter?

Actually the last one is Helicopter!

There you go Ed, no need for me to spoil it for everyone! Or give away the last one. It was worth revealing it yourself, however if anyone is stuck, you've just saved them.


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