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Wonder Woman film returns?

Bilson-WonderWoman-Small.jpgThere's a story out today that suggests that a Wonder Woman live action film could be back in the works, and with a change of executives at Silver Pictures last year, the project of Wonder Woman is being spearheaded by the new head, Andrew Roma.

Those pesky "sources" are at it again saying that the latest people in charge are fighting for the film and hope to see it made. That may not be the only change on the project though.

With the new people come new ideas, and one of those new ideas appears to be getting rid of the previous Wonder Woman writers. For the story from IESB through MoviesOnline has the revelation that these "sources" are saying that Warner Bros. are looking for new writers.

That script has been through a number of changes. There was the Joss Whedon script, but then he was dropped for two relative newcomers who pitched their idea on the World War II version.

Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland had pitched their World War II based version which was bought and replaced the Whedon script, however they were told to write it and modernise it. That they did, and now it looks like they're gone too.

I'm wondering what the studio want from this story, and I think the writers probably are too.

There's still that huge gaping void of who would play Wonder Woman, and we've been through names galore - I just thought I'd add this picture in because it's a little bit amusing too. I think there are tons of great choices out there, but first they need a script that really works, and that's going to be a big problem.

What I believe they need here is the Nolan treatment, and I'm not just saying that because he's successful with Batman, but because Wonder Woman is perhaps the campiest story and has the silliest baggage assigned to it. It's going to need a lot of work to distance itself from the television shows and really work.



On the one hand, the indelible TV camp and endless baggage of magic lasso, invisible airplane, and those damn bracelets do trouble the character of Wonder Woman, as does her central mythology—former Amazon, World War II Era super-heroine, and the hoary details of her origin. On the other hand, Hollywood studios do nurture an exclusive culture of young white males to pitch ideas and write scripts. That said, the obvious fact of the matter is not one FEMALE scriptwriter has been brought aboard to work the material. Agreed, a feminine point-of-view is no cure-all for what ails this project, or by itself an adequate reply to the plethora of problems deeply rooted in the character herself. But in the struggle to make Wonder Woman less laughable and more credible, the absence of her gender having any principal creative input of ideas is certainly, if not chiefly, and will remain a part of the problem.

Actually you might be onto something here, a feminine take on the superhero would possibly throw out all the campiness and overtly sexual nature of the character and concentrate on the story and the core of Wonder Woman.

Ah yes, I can see why Hollywood might want not to do that just as soon as I said it!

Wonder Woman just needs to stick to the basics of her story. A good starting point would be the George Perez storyline of her origin, that could sequeway into a fight with ares or the cheetah. World war II does not have to be included. Maybe use it as a flashback that Hippolyta (played by Lynda Carter) references in a sequence where she reminds Diane before going to mans world of what she (hippolyta) when through when she fought the nazis back in the day. that way it would clear the way for wonder woman to appear in present day, plus be able to keep some ot the history that she has. thats what i think you should do.


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