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X-Men Origins: Wolverine full trailer online

WolverineOrigins.jpgThis looks like it could be the full and final trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and it's looking quite good. I say quite good because there are a number of points that have me a little worried about the film and what it's trying to do.

I do have a feeling that this won't quite turn out to be the hard Wolverine story that fans were looking for, but will be a great story for X-Men fans. After all, it's just another X-Men film with an ensemble cast isn't it?

Just watch the trailer and see the line-up of mutants. Once again Wolverine is pitched in with a bunch of other mutants who all look to be getting plenty of screen time to show off their powers and explain who they are. How much of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is going to be Wolverine? Judging by the trailer he's got a lot of competition there.

Deadpool, Gambit, Sabretooth, Beak, Silver Fox, Agent Zero, The Blob and Weapon XI. Missed anyone? That certainly sounds like the old X-Men formula team to me.

So he's sharing a ton of screen time with other characters, just like the other X-Men film, although the focus is on him. Okay, I'll take that. However there are a couple of scenes that bother me in the film.

The first scene is the splicing of the Humvee in half. Now that just doesn't hold up. Whatever the strength of his claws or skeleton, there's no purchase in him to give him the ability to rip right though that at speed. At the very most his claws would dig in and he'd be pulled away by the Humvee speeding in the opposite direction.

Some of you might find that to be nit picking, but it's something that looks fundamentally wrong. No matter how strong his skeleton is, and lets imagine that his muscles could hold onto his skeleton inside of him and not end up ripping his arm off, but when that thing hits with that momentum he'd be ripped back, not just fly straight forward.

Sorry, my mind just can't accept that.

Then there's the blowing up of the vehicle and Wolverine flying onto the top of the helicopter and not being caught up in the blades. Oh dear me.

So already I'm talking myself out of the film. Over the top, unbelievable action and an X-Men ensemble film. Still, looking at the rest of it and not expecting a complete Wolverine film, this could be a good X-Men IV: The Wolverine Prequel.

Let me shut up and give you the trailer.



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