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Zombie talks Tyrannosauras Rex

RobZombie.jpgThere's an exclusive online today about Rob Zombie's upcoming film Tyrannosauras Rex, a film that we really haven't heard that much about, until now. Zombie himself has been talking about what to expect from the film, and more importantly what it's about.

The big surprise is that it's not a horror film. Here's what it is though.

Apparently it's an incredibly violent seventies action film, and definitely not a horror film.

“I can’t think of anything that’s like it. Just a gritty, gnarly, violent movie...It’s sort of like a cross between that Dustin Hoffman movie ‘Straight Time’ mixed with ‘Raging Bull’… sort of.”

Is the way that Rob Zombie describes Tyrannosauras Rex to MTV, and then he keeps going, this isn't just a tease.

“I want to make a serious movie about this washed-up prizefighter who’s got this self-destructive tendency, and he comes out of prison and the only way he knows how to survive is by fighting...

...But his boxing career is over so he gets caught up in this sort of underground fight ring. But it’s all set in the ’70s, so it’s not like an ‘Ultimate Fighting’ type thing. It’s more like just nasty. It’s like if ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ was a serious movie. How about that? Minus the orangutan.”

Thankfully it is minus the orangutan! However that idea does sound interesting, and not quite what I would have expected from the Zombie I've come to expect. However saying that the story does sound like a few films we've seen and heard of recently, although not set in the seventies, and I suspect that's the interesting part.

What do you think? Does that sound an interesting film?



The idea is a solid one and I can see his style translating well for this film. One to keep an eye on definitely.


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