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3D home cinema?

3D.jpgEveryone is a complete tizz over 3D these days, with the studios screaming that right now that this is the greatest development since colour or high definition. They say it's going to revolutionise cinema and that pretty soon we'll be watching all cinema films in 3D.

Now they're shouting about how we're going to be watching them at home too, and for me that screams that we're going to be losing bags of definition and that the studios are losing the edge that they wanted in the cinema.

I've never taken to 3D for a number of reasons, and one of the main being the fact that we're now in high definition, and that in the cinema and at home we can see picture quality, colour and sound reproduction that we've never witnessed before.

Now though that looks set to be destroyed, by the reintroduction, for Hollywood's third attempt, of 3D cinema, and the move to try and bring it to the home cinema market with 3D televisions.

Right now there's no way to keep the same quality and definition that we're seeing with high definition with 3D, why? Well have you seen a raw 3D image without glasses? Then you've got to put the glasses on and place them between the image and your eyes. 20/20 vision or not, that does affect the definition of the image.

I'm sitting at home with a full high definition set-up that is easily affordable. I get stunning 1080p picture definition and an amazing image reproducing colour, black levels and quality that is unprecedented, not to mention the full studio quality audio.

However that picture is looking like it's going to take a huge step backwards if this story from Variety comes to fruition. Broadcasters are developing more and more 3D shows to be sent to your high definition televisions showing high definition cable and satellite channels.

If that does happen, and Broadcasters deliver more and more 3D programming to the home television, then that high definition purchase (or purchases) will be wasted.

"At each step, we get more excited about it."

That's a comment from Brian Lenz, head of product development for BskyB, and that's worrying.

Other comments suggest that broadcasters believe it could be ten years or more before we get to see full 3D in the home, so thank the programmers for that, because I do not want to be forking out for a new home cinema set-up that's much back to standard definition just to give me 3D thanks.



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