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9 extended clip online

9.jpgThere's an extended clip online for 9, the animated film from Shane Acker which follows a group of self-aware rag dolls who are living in a post-apocalyptic world where their own existence is threatened, mirroring that of humanity's. The discover 9, a rag doll that shows leadership qualities that may just allow them to survive.

There's a new extended clip from the film which shows just how scary it's going to be and how tense. It's also surprising just how much life these rag doll animated characters have.

The group of rag dolls have to band together and save themselves, and that includes 1, a war veteran voiced by Christopher Plummer, 2, an old inventor played by Martin Landau, 5, a mechanic played by John C. Reilly, 6, an artist and visionary played by Crispin Glover, and 7, a warrior played by Jennifer Connelly. 9 is played by Elijah Wood.

9 sounds strange, but as soon as you look at the trailer (previously on Filmstalker) and this new clip below, you find that you're drawn into the characters and their world so easily, it's actually very clever for that.

Have a look at the extended clip that shows some of the group banding together to fight off a creature that has one of them captured.



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