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Abrams talks Star Trek sequel

StarTrek_Poster.jpgActually J.J. Abrams does address the possibility of a Star Trek sequel, and he's being extremely open about it, discussing what's signed up ready to go, and really what they aren't ready to do or even think about.

He's pretty damned honest about it all, but very humble too. While he shows that it really is a distinct possibility and that most things are in place for it, there are a few major things lacking too, and one of them is the success of the first film yet to be released.

J.J. Abrams talked about the possibility of a sequel to Star Trek and revealed just where they were in relation to a sequel:

“...it would be incredible fun to get to do it again. It is also insanely presumptuous to assume that it will work when it’s out there, that people will like it, and that there will be a need for another one. If there is, the good news is that there’s a deal for the writers and a deal for the actors. It’s in place. We have not had one meeting. We have not had one discussion. There’s no outline. There’s no script. There’s nothing. We’re fishing for ideas.”

The comment from Abrams was made through IESB, and while he's telling it from the inside, IMDB think that the Star Trek sequel has already been approved.

So to put it in perspective there is no planned sequel, as far as he knows for the studio and the executives may well be lining up the behind the scenes project plan, resources and budget as I type, but Abrams isn't sure it's going ahead until the audience shows that there's a need for another one.

The good news though, and something we should realise happens every time a potential franchise film is started and actors are signed, is that the actors and writers have it sewn into their contracts that if the studio goes forward they're on the project.

Notice though that J.J. Abrams doesn't include himself in that statement, although everyone's ready to move forward should the first be a success enough for the studio to move forward with it, he might not be.

Saying that though I do think that he'll have an easy decision to make should it move forward, I can't see him not doing a second Star Trek film, and quite frankly I don't think the studio would be willing to pass the mantle onto another director for the second film. I think that as long as the previous film is a success and the original cast and writers are signed up to do a sequel, or a third, or even a fourth, the studio will push like mad to keep Abrams on board.

If the film ends up being as good as the trailers suggest, and judging by his previous work, I would fight like nothing on earth to get J.J. Abrams at the helm of the Enterprise once again, and the same again if there's a third.

Of course it'll be interesting what happens at the point all those contracts expire. Will the studio push to keep them all on board and continue the franchise like they did with the first? Will they hope to chop and change directors as they did too? Or will they just stop and take Star Trek another new direction?



I was lucky enough to see the film two weeks ago and I am willing to bet a sequel will be made.

i cannot wait! i think this might be THE movie i'm waiting for this year.

I've demanded that the wife and i go to one of the first showings. I've gotta see this one in the theatre.


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