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Angels & Demons sequel?

AngelsandDemons.jpgWe've had The Da Vinci Code (Filmstalker review) and we're awaiting Angels & Demons, but now it seems that the character of Robert Langdon is heading for a third outing, however for now it's in book form.

Dan Brown has apparently completed the manuscript for a book called The Lost Symbol which features Robert Langdon and is set for publication in September.

There's no concrete word yet of a film adaptation, but considering the success of the first, the success of the two novels and the author overall, and the fact that Ron Howard is directing Tom Hanks in the film sequel to The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, would suggest that we're heading for a third film.

The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon and says that the first run of the book is set for five million copies, and that's pretty astounding to consider.

However the article doesn't actually state that there's a production happening for the film, it does say that "the studio will move quickly to get the ball rolling on the third installment" but doesn't give anything to back that up or explain it, and the grammar does suggest that they haven't even considered starting the project yet.

Yet it's not that hard to imagine it happening is it? Angels & Demons is a guaranteed money maker, and unless it totally fails I can easily see Tom Hanks returning for a third outing and Ron Howard helming. Can't you? Especially if this new story is based on religious stories yet again.



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