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Another Strieber novel adapted

TheNyeIncidents.jpgWhitley Strieber has delivered three novels for film already, Wolfen, The Hunger and Communion, he also has two in the works, 2012: The War for Souls and The Grays, and now he has another alien story about to start production, but this one's a graphic novel, The Nye Incidents.

Like many of Strieber's works it's based on supposedly true events regarding aliens, although this one is a lot closer to the truth and humans than we've seen from a film like Communion.

The Nye Incidents (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is a graphic novel from Whitley Strieber, Craig Spector and Gus Floor which follows a medical examiner in Nye County who comes across the grotesque murder of a person who claimed to be an alien abductee.

However she can't get to the bottom of the case and that troubles her, and when her dreams begin to be haunted by creatures with large, dark, oval shaped eyes, we all know what's coming, and it seems to be something that's hunting down the claimed alien abductees and killing them one by one.

Sounds an interesting work of complete fiction, but believe it or not there's supposed to be some truth in it, according to Variety, personally I think that must be the killing part, not the alien abductee part.

The film is being developed through Dark Castle and has a good stack of producers on board, there's no writer yet by Todd Lincoln is set to direct. It certainly seems like something that would capture the X-Files and Fringe audience, but will it be pitched as a true, or based on a true, story?

The good news is that people who have read the graphic novel and aren't that keen on Strieber's ideas of alien abduction, aren't put off and even say that the story is a really good original scary film.



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