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Bay ironically slams Twitter

MichaelBay.jpgI know this isn't exactly film related, but I found this so funny I had to share it and couldn't do it on a social media platform with restricted character sets. Of late Michael Bay has been in and out on Twitter, each time exposed as a fake. That is until recently when a new one arrived claiming to be the man and seemingly posting real updates.

Well Michael Bay has appeared online for real and destroyed that idea, it's still a fake. However in the process he says he'd never use Twitter, and creates perhaps one of the most ironic posts I've seen in a long time, not just him either but all the forum members that replied.

Now first off I'm not defending Twitter, I'm not a hardened fan of it that's screaming about how wonderful it is, personally I prefer Plurk as a social media tool. However I realise, through my everyday work, that these are tools, enablers, and are only as good as the content going through them. Right now, Twitter is one of those tools that only really makes sense if you put what you feel is the right content in there, then you're liable to get the right content out. Use a wad of common sense and you might get some social and business use out of it.

That said, let's get on with the Michael Bay comment that JoBlo discovered over at his forums.

With the subject of “I will never have a Twitter account”, Bay wrote a post on his own forums, for which you have to sign up to be a member and post information about Bay, his films, and talk briefly with the man himself:

“Twitter. Never. What a waste of time.


That was a post of thirty-nine characters. What follows, so far anyway, are a number of posts from fans who are signed up to the forum, all with big Bay-esque avatars, and all but one posting a line of text under one hundred and forty characters long.

Isn't that ironic? A man posts a thirty-nine character long message on his own, register to reply, online internet forum to engage the people who have signed up exclusively to follow and response to his posts, and they post responses also sub one hundred and forty characters, all agreeing with him about how much Twitter is a waste of time?

I enjoyed that, that was funny. Okay, one goes over that character limit by twenty, but that doesn't serve the irony so well does it?



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