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Bay making small film

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay films are big, they're big, bold, bright, loud, and filled with explosions, crashes, close cropped action and big lenses with fast zooms. Have I missed anything? So why is he talking about doing a small film. And what would that possibly look like?

Well you would not believe it, it sounds like something that one of the fake Michael Bay's would say, or that one on that ShootForTheEdit forums, oh wait a minute. Anyway, he has. Michael Bay is going small scale.

"I would like to take a year off...I might do a small movie in-between...I have a small little movie I keep wanting to do."

Okay, well it's a small comment itself through MTV, and although it doesn't give us much we are treated to more from Michael Bay about his small film and what it would be about.

"It's good...It's like a 'Pulp Fiction'-type of movie...a true story, and it's very funny...It's a dark comedy."

What? No explosions? No chance for those zooms, close cropped shots and multiple edits per second? He's really going to go small, and not just with the picture but with the script too.

You know I might really be interested in this, if nothing more than to see what Michael Bay really can do when he's not going bigger, louder and bolder than the last.

What might be interesting is seeing what happens to Transformers 3 as Bay goes from big action film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, to small dark comedy and returns. Will some of his experience rub off on the third film?



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