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Bay wins me over on Transformers 3

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay has been talking about Transformers 3, because obviously there's going to be a third there's no question of that - the second will make more money than the first, the third will get greenlit and eventually Michael Bay will say yes to the series.

What he has to say though has most likely just won some fans he never had before, he certainly has at Filmstalker anyway, because he's revealed just why Transformers 3 would not be 3D.

Michael Bay was asked whether Transformers 3 would be in 3D at ShoWest yesterday, and he was rather clear cut and outspoken about it. “No” was the answer without question, and why? Well according to his words through JoBlo, he thinks that 3D is a gimmick and a fad.

Mr Bay you have just won me over with that comment. Well said sir and I wholeheartedly agree. I also think that anything that sacrifices the quality of the high definition that has been worked so hard on to be brought into cinemas is a backwards step, and that's what 3D and glasses mean for me. That, and if it did take off and every film was made this way, then a whole new raft of home cinema equipment, including a backwards step in quality there, all because of some glasses in front of my face and the ability to see something swooping out of the screen at me.

That means I might have to go and watch Transformers 3 then, because if every director and his dog start filming in 3D then non-3D films are going to be in short supply and this might be the biggest. I just hope that the fad does turn around once the experimental phase is over.

Problem is if the studio's see returns, they won't drop it. Let's hope Bay's deal is air tight on the 3D clause.



Although I'm not a fan of all things 3D (James Cameron will no doubt change my view/experience on that), but there shall be no escaping it. Soon 3D will be everywhere :(

Although I'm excited by the idea of 3d in it's current implementation it still isn't a viable technology for me.

3D will be everywhere, but for how long? Remember it was everywhere for a while before, and then it was gone.


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