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Boll recruits more stars for serious film

UweBoll.jpgUwe Boll's new film Janjaweed is attracting stars once again, and even some that have starred in his previous films, it's hard to believe that even without the hugely helpful German film funding he's still managing to pull in the stars and make films that don't seem to meet with popular acclaim.

Joining his latest film Janjaweed are Edward Furlong, Billy Zane and Kristanna Loken, although that does garner some surprise it's actually the film content that brings the biggest shock, and probably explains why there are still stars willing to get on board his projects.

Janjaweed aka Darfur is not about bloody gore for the sake of it, shock horror tactics designed to upset the audience, nor is about a videogame adaptation. The film actually marks a big move for Uwe Boll and something that might just surprise a few people.

The film tells the story of American journalists in Sudan who are torn between returning home to report on what they have seen or to stay and try and help the victims of the atrocities there, something the countries of the world were unwilling to do...yet again.

Now that is surprising, and it probably explains why there are stars willing to join the project, mind you we've seen Kristanna Loken in BloodRayne and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, while Edward Furlong is appearing in Stoic, another Uwe Boll film according to Variety.

It's definitely an ambitious project for Boll, but he has already started to venture that way with his film Tunnel Rats and his upcoming film Silent Night in Algona. Perhaps we're seeing him branch out and trying to develop his talents?

Whatever you think of the writer/producer/director/egotist/critic fighter you have to admit that creating a film about Darfur and the horrors in the Sudan is a worthwhile project, however bad the film is, as long as it gets through the facts and the message to others.



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