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Bruce Willis continues action films

BruceWillis.jpgIt's hard to believe, but Bruce Willis is continuing with the action film role, and that's without returning to the Die Hard franchise. Despite being in his fifties, Willis is currently in negotiations for three independent action thrillers. Inventory, Red and Scarpa.

All three sound interesting projects, and the fact that Bruce Willis is a mere fifty-four is not stopping him, and I say well done him. I'd definitely like to see him in more films as Hostage (Filmstalker review) and Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) prove that he still has it in buckets.

I think the key to the success of Bruce Willis is, not only that he's in damn fine shape for his age, but also that he's playing an older character fighting to keep up and keep going. That was definitely at the heart of Die Hard 4.0 and was a key factor in Hostage, so what of these three projects, if he was to take one up?

Inventory, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Reuters (who give no source link to the original story), is the story of a detective tracking down a murderer. Now that doesn't sound too exciting, although that's hardly much to go on.

Red is the adaptation of a comic book which would see him play a former black-ops agent who is forced out of retirement when an assassin arrives to threaten him and his girlfriend. The story says that he's a high-tech assassin, so that might suggest his character was going to use old school tactics to defeat him, nice.

Scarpa is a biographical film and ventures from the traditional action film on his slate. It would see him play Greg Scarpa, an FBI informant who worked deep undercover in New York's Columbo mob family (no not the TV one!).

Currently on his slate he has Surrogates, a science fiction action film where people never leave their homes and interact through robots; A Couple of Dicks, which is a buddy cop film directed by Kevin Smith; The Last Full Measure, a war drama, and the video game adaptation of Kane & Lynch.

He's definitely not done with action, or is action not done with him? Out of that list of the three possible next films I would like to see him hit something more serious, and the Scarpa film does sound interesting, however his bread and butter and sure fire win would be in action, and the Red film sounds the most promising on that front.



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