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Brüno restricted trailer online

SashaBaronCohen.jpgThe trailer, the restricted trailer no less, for Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character to hit the big screen is here. Brüno, the gay Austrian supermodel.

Brüno looks to be a little similar to Borat in style, the now Cohen traditional hijacking of people and interviews to catch them off guard, but here the scope seems to be a little bigger, to say the least, just watch that fashion show for an example.

Now this isn't really my style, back when Sacha Baron Cohen was doing his television show I was finding it funny but I think it was the shorter sketch format and the fact that he didn't push the format to put people in situations where they really were unhappy with things around them.

Back then he knew when to stop, and the people he tended to push were celebrities and politicians, not the average person on the street.

Still, Brüno actually looks a little more inviting than Borat, what do you think?



I found that quite amusing. Looks like another winner for Cohen.


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