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Chan co-directing 100th film

JackieChan.jpgJackie Chan is far from retiring, and he's marking that with his one hundredth film as he co-directs with Stanley Tong.

There are few details on the project at the moment, but Chan is going to be co-directing a film called Chinese Zodiac which will shoot in several international locations, and Chan is being coy on the story.

Stanley Tong directed Rumble in the Bronx and a few of the Police Story films all starring Jackie Chan, and so this partnership seems promising, particularly if you look at Tong's Eastern projects rather than the Western ones such as Rumble in the Bronx.

Emperor Motion Pictures are producing and Jackie Chan is also starring in Chinese Zodiac, and really that's all we have in the story from Associated Press through Yahoo News.

Chan had been revealing the information on his own website and had said that shooting is going to take place in China, Austria and France, a few diverse locations.

Now remembering what Jackie Chan had been saying about what he wants out of his career, and that he wants to act more than fight on screen, and perhaps this is another step in developing his more serious side, following on from his recent film Shinjuku Incident.

Sounds intriguing so far, strong partnership for behind and in front of the camera, now we need to know what the story is about.



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