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Chan-wook Park's second Thirst trailer online

Chan-wookPark.jpgA second trailer for Chan-wook Park's new film Thirst has arrived online, and the word is that it's been leaked before it's completed, which means there's another, even better trailer to come.

Although some think that this trailer isn't up to Park's usual standard, I find myself looking at it and wanting to know more. I think it's a pretty damn good trailer and has me intrigued at some of the images shown.

Chan-wook Park's Thirst stars Kang-ho Song as a well respected priest who is turned into something akin to a vampire after a medical experiment goes wrong, he becomes a deranged killer who desperately needs the blood of his victims.

It sounds a great plot from the start, and together with the first trailer has me intrigued.

Here's the second trailer, which it is believed is unfinished, from AHT through Twitch.



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