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Chris Pine wants A-Team role

TheATeam.jpgThe A-Team film is much talked about but never seen. For years it's been in development, with no script ever making it into production.

Now one of the stars of Star Trek has thrown his hat in the ring, and said who he would love to play in the film. And with a new director on the case, who knows maybe we might get somewhere.

The A-Team film has tested many a person's patience, I first wrote about it in 2006. Richard originally wrote about it way back in 2004. And needless to say it has provoked a fair few casting preferences, which you can read here.

John Singleton was attached to direct, but he left the project a little while ago. With the biggest sticking point, seeming to be getting a script together. Then in late January this year we heard that the dream team of Joe Carnahan, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott were taking over proceedings.

Chris Pine, who had a part in Carnahan's Smokin' Aces, has his sights set on one role in-particular. And he's already been talking to Carnahan about the film. He told MTV Movies Blog who has got him excited.

We’ve talked about it. I'd love to...Murdock is my man. I love Murdock. We’ve talked about something happening. I don’t think the script is quite done yet or something. But who knows?

His plan would be to create Murdock along the lines of his role in Smokin' Aces, where he played a crazy hitman. If not he'd make a great Face, certainly has the looks for it. It does sound like he might be close to a role of some sort, if Carnahan stays involved. Would you like to see Pine's Murdock?



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