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Clips 'n' Pics: Adam trailer online, Blood the Last Vampire behind the scenes, opening of Death Note: L, Change the World online

I've stalked together three clips for you, one trailer, one behind the scenes, and a ten minute opening.

The trailer is for Adam, a comedy, behind the scenes for Blood the Last Vampire, a horror live-action animé adaptation, and the ten minute opening of Death Note: L, Change the World. All on Filmstalker for you to see.

There's a trailer online for the comedy Adam starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne which tells the story of a woman falling for an autistic man and how their relationship copes with all the pressures from his condition, other people, and of course themselves.

The trailer looks like pretty standard fare to be honest, I was watching it after reading some comments online that were raving about what it was going to be, and I was struggling to find what they were talking about, for the most part.

It seemed to me that the comedy, or even just the set-ups for the performances, fell on the standard beats and did what I expected with the characters saying pretty much what you wanted to hear.

That is until we hear from the father who wades in and adds some tension and anger to it all, but even then there are still some moments that seem painful to watch from the set-ups and lines, and it just turned me off to the idea.

See what you think of Adam:

There's also a behind the scenes look at Blood: The Last Vampire online. That's the live action adaptation of the animé that tells the story of a school girl turned vampire who is hunting down all of her kind to eradicate them all. It comes from the director who gave us Empire of the Wolves, Chris Nahon.

Finally there's the first ten minutes of L: Change the World, part of the Death Note series, which looks interesting but at the same time very confusing. I think you'd probably have had to see some of the rest of series to be able to fully understand it. The film coes from the director Hideo Nakata who is the master of the Ring series on both sides of the world. Thanfully, for once, MTV have opened up the video to a non-U.S. audience, they don't often do that, but then this has subtitles and they probably thought no one would watch it.



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