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Closing Credits: Simon Channing-Williams

SimonChanningWilliams.jpgThe British producer Simon Channing-Williams, known for his work on a string of great films, has died aged sixty four. Not only does he leave his mark on the British and World film industries, but he also leaves his mark on the people of Kenya through the charity The Constant Gardener Trust of which he was a trustee.

Channing-Williams worked closely with Mike Leigh and produced many films for him, but that's not all his career was about.

His production work with Mike Leigh were films such as Career Girls, Happy-Go-Lucky, Life is Sweet, Secrets & Lies, Vera Drake, to name just the most well known ones.

However his entire career spanned twenty-five films, many of which were very well known and should be proud moments for British cinema. Outside of the work with Leigh there were titles such as Jack & Sarah, De-Lovely, The Constant Gardener (Filmstalker review), Brothers of the Head (Filmstalker review), Shrooms and Blindness.

It was The Constant Gardener that inspired the cast and crew to create a charitable trust to help the communities that they had worked with and travelled through during the shooting of the film. While the trust was initially created to help improve the basic sanitation and education, the charity was so successful that it began to help them distribute and sell their locally made goods and helped to build medical camps.

Mike Leigh, through the BBC, gave Simon Channing-Williams a great deal of praise.

“His great phrase was 'let's just get on with things' and right almost to the last he was still working. He was a very extraordinary big man and he will be missed universally.”

He has been nominated for a number of awards in his career both individually and as part of a film, including an Oscar, numerous BAFTA's, and winning Producer of the Year at the British Independent Film Awards.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and the gap he leaves in British film.

Simon Channing-Williams



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