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Cornwell's Scarpetta novels franchise

PatriciaCornwell-PostMortem.jpgThe Dr. Kay Scarpetta novels from Patricia Cornwell (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) are to be turned into a franchise with Angelina Jolie potentially playing the lead character. Now however much that sounds interesting for fans of the novel series, some sixteen titles, there's some worrying news.

It seems that the first film in this potential money earner will not be based on any stories that Patricia Cornwell has written, What seems to be happening is that they are taking the character and making an entirely new story.

The plan is that the series will follow in the veins of the Bourne films and be inspired by the character of the novels, taking an entirely new track for the character of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, except I would say that the difference here is that from the outset the film character will be breaking free of the Cornwell stories.

What is strange is that the idea of a Scarpetta film has been in the works for a very long time, trying to get the films made at Columbia Pictures after a huge deal, and then lapsing and that was when Fox 2000 stepped up.

However that didn't go so well and the article in Variety through Coming Soon suggests that there had to be some strong negotiations and discussions, and that it came down to meetings between Patricia Cornwell, the author, Angelina Jolie, and her manager Geyer Kosinski to finally secure the deal since Cornwell was so protective of the character and the novels.

What concerns me though is that after all that intense negotiation, they are making a film that isn't following any of the novels. If Cornwell was so protective of the series why are they about to hire a scriptwriter to create a new story for the character and bring it to the screen? Wouldn't they have pulled Cornwell in to adapt one of her novels?

No director and no writer as yet, but everyone involved are set to interview writers and select one shortly.

It's a potential goldmine though with that ready made audience, sixteen novels hungry to be adapted, and undoubtedly one of the biggest female stars in Hollywood taking the lead, and a damn fine actress to boot.

However I don't understand why they are taking such a chance and creating an entirely new story to begin with.



Jolie is NOT fit to play scarpetta. wtf. scarpetta is in her 40's for a start.... this is awful

Well the age difference isn't such a big deal is it?

Angelina Jolie to play Scarpetta? For a start she has the wrong colour hair and a wig just won't look good. Don't mean to sound doubtful however, to me she doesn't fit the 'Scarpetta' character. They need to think long and hard before they appoint and think very carefully before they decide to take the plunge and invent a new story. Why make a film if they aren't going to use the proper stories? These books are brilliant.


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