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Crank 2: High Voltage behind the scenes videos

Crank2.jpgThere are a four behind the scenes videos for Crank 2: High Voltage, or Crank: High Voltage, whatever you'd like to call it, right here on Filmstalker, and it's not the normal behind the scenes slightly interesting footage, here they follow scenes from multiple angles and takes and reveal some of the fascinating ways that they have been filming.

From the directors on roller blades to cameras strapped to remote controlled cars and even hand held "bullet-time" rigs, there's been some fascinating stuff going on behind the scenes.

There's also some shots of the stars of the film working on their scenes, including plenty from Jason Statham.

Some of the ways that they've been filming this look incredible, I especially love the roller blade filming which looks like it was more fun for those behind the scenes than anything, and then there's that hand held bullet-time rig, how is that going to work? I'm really curious to see that in action.

If you're interested in Crank: High Voltage or really what goes on behind the camera then these clips are most definitely for you.



I am afraid that telling you "If you liked Crank, you’ll like Crank 2" just wouldn’t be good enough. It also wouldn’t necessarily be true. Most of all, it would be somewhat rude - discounting an entire film as nothing more than an echo, or an indulgence for the cult of its predecessor.

So what are you saying? I'm not sure if you're having a pop at the film or not.

Woa, thank you for showing so much behind the scene food! Love it! And I have to admit that I was sceptical about a second Crank movie (I thought it can't be possible to impress that much again) but it fit's totally my taste and it's an amazing work that was made there! Thank you!

No problem CeKay, thanks for the thanks!


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