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Delpy's The Countess trailer online

JulieDelpy.jpgIt's interesting to see that Julie Delpy's new film The Countess is taking a very dramatic direction rather than anything horror related, particularly in the trailer, and that's strange since the entire story is very horrific.

Yet The Countess seems to be playing up to the drama and thriller aspects, and is being billed as such, not as a horror, and that shows from the first trailer now online.

The Countess tells the adapted true life story of Countess Bathory who was born in 1560. She married a powerful and older man at the age of fifteen and they spent much of their lives apart. He became the commander of the Hungarian troops and was away from her and the family homes for years on end.

While he was away Bathory became a powerful woman, protecting the estates from attack and courting the highest reaches of the aristocracy. These later years saw her become what many claim is the most prolific serial killer in history, torturing and murdering young women and bathing in their blood in order to try and keep herself young.

The film tells of how her husband died in battle and she took a younger lover, and it is this desire to keep her young lover and her fear of growing old that led her to the desire for blood and the murderous rampage that continued for a very long time.

Sounds a terrible story, and when you read more of her life over at Wikipedia you find that her story is much more shocking that you first think. The fable of her life has been connected to the stories of Count and Countess Dracula, and other such horror stories, and yet Julie Delpy's film seems to take a more historical and dramatic route. Indeed IMDB bill it as “Drama, History, Thriller”, and the trailer below through Bloody Disgusting has no horror in it at all.

I wonder if the story, written and directed by Julie Delpy as well as starring her, is looking at Bathory in a more historical and less hysterical light?



Looks to me like the film will look at Bathory as a woman rather than a crazed, blood hungry individual. There seems to be a bit of history tied in there too. I'm really looking forward to seeing this. Looks excellent.


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