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Extended X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer online

WolverineOrigins.jpgAlthough this new trailer covers the same ground as we've seen in previous trailers, there's way, way more of it extending just about every single scene in the trailer and making it a pretty comprehensive one. It would seem all X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailers have built to this one.

Then there's the other factor, it's in Quicktime and high definition. This is the trailer that's selling the film to me, and it focuses much more on the brothers and their relationship.

I really do like this new X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer, and it is new. Although we've seen each of these scenes before in other trailers and teasers they've been heavily cut down from this form, and for a moment I did think that we were going to be watching an entire scene - the one where the brothers are in the firing squad.

Not so, this is the complete X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer, and it's looking rather good. I have to say the helicopter stunt sequence still looks over the top, but the rest of the trailer is looking good.

You can see it over at Apple Trailers [S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] through Coming Soon and it's labelled as an "Exclusive Clip" on the front page and "Film Clip" on the high definition page.

What do you think? Better?



That would be so exciting if I hadn't already seen the entire film 2 weeks ago. Are we still pretending that we haven't all seen it?

I haven't.

I still haven't, and genuinely wouldn't.


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