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Eyes of Laura Mars remake

EyesofLauraMars.jpgAnother John Carpenter remake comes to light, although to be fair this is really a remake of an Irvin Kershner film as Carpenter wrote the film but Kershner directed it. Regardless the film is being remade and by the man who just made S. Darko.

Eyes of Laura Mars is a film that follows a woman who starts to see the murders of people through the eyes of a serial killer, and when a police detective tracking the killer finds her, they team up to track him down.

Irvin Kershner also made Raid on Entebbe, RoboCop 2, Never Say Never Again and Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, and with a strong script from John Carpenter as well as Faye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Dourif in the lead roles, the film was a rather good one.

According to HorrorMovies.ca, Chris Fisher was on a press panel for S. Darko when he revealed that he's finished the first draft of the remake script and that he hopes to have the production start in later this year.

Recasting these roles might be a bit tricky though, who's going to follow those two big names? Mind you who wants Eyes of Laura Mars remade?



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