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Fame trailer online

Fame_Poster.jpgThe trailer for the Fame remake is online and, well, it's nothing really special. It's a collection of rapid fire shots from dance numbers introduced by a quick piano number which is rather reminiscent of something Bruno would have played in the series.

All in all it tells us nothing other than we're going to see dance numbers and a few songs. There's not even shots of the actual actors in the film. One has to wonder what this trailer is there to do.

I remember watching the Fame television series and loving it, and it was down to the characters and their interplay, the music and numbers were second to that. Is this new Fame going to swap that around? As it goes this looks like another teenage musical.

Have a look to see what you think, the trailer is over at Moviefone [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] through Coming Soon. Will this Fame live forever?



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