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Food, Inc. first three minutes online

FoodInc.jpgThe first three minutes of Food, Inc. have arrived online and they are looking rather appetising, as well as surprisingly compelling. Although to be fair modern documentaries are getting a great chunk of the limelight and really do know how to engage an audience.

There's also the trailer, which I don't think I've featured so far, and together they paint a compelling portrait of a film which could do a lot of good.

Food, Inc. is a documentary that looks at America's food industry and how it is controlled and operated by the larger corporates, and how manufactured food may not be that good for you, the produce, the producer, or the country, and that through sheer buying power of the consumer all that can be changed.

The opening three minutes paint a powerful picture, and I saw that first before I saw the trailer, so I'm going to suggest to you that you do them in the same order. The trailer is good, but I prefer the opening three minutes as it has much more power to it.

Now you've seen that, here's the trailer.

What do you think? I'm really impressed, and I had previously thought that the film was going to be covering ground that was just wholly obvious to me. While I think that there are moments of that, the way that the film portrays it is superbly done, well at least in the opening minutes anyway.



Watching the movie, I saw that these food corporations are not different than fascist governments. They are run for their own purposes and have nothing to give to the consumer but only use the consumer for their own (out of touch with humanity) financial gains.
I see this clearly and there is not anything that can be used in their defense. It is indeed difficult to make changes but under pressure it can be done. We can create such a back force of pressure that these corporations will be forced to address and change what atrocities they are committing.
We the consumer has a great deal of accountability in this by it's (I include me in this) complacency. We humans did nothing too many times when millions died as a result. The question is now what do we do to regain our lost wholesome foods.

The question I have is how in the hell can Monsanto be allowed such dictatorial authority in this nation that is supposed to be a free nation. There are too many lawyers and too many lobbyists running this country with the money of tyrants.
We must take charge of our own food intake and take it all back.


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