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Gorillaz documentary clip online

Gorillaz.jpgThe band the Gorillaz are releasing a documentary called Bananaz which looks behind the scenes as the band made their self titled album in 2000.

Not only is it going to feature the real live Gorillaz, as opposed to the cartoon versions, but it will also feature D12, De La Soul and even Dennis Hopper.

You can see the clip from behind the scenes in Bananaz over at the BBC [Flash], however it doesn't really show us too much and feels like it's more of an outtake than anything else.

Bananaz doesn't exactly reveal much of the documentary or the Gorillaz and what it's going to show us about the band, it's not a great marketing ploy.

I do wonder if the documentary is being released a little late on, after all the Gorillaz high point wasn't exactly yesterday was it?



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