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H2: Halloween 2 bootlegged trailer online

H2.jpgThe trailer for H2: Halloween 2 has been captured by someone with a camcorder and put online, although I have no idea how long it's going to be there before it's forced off or before the nice, high-definition, Quicktime version comes along online.

Before then though, here's the surprisingly powerful H2: Halloween 2 trailer for Rob Zombie's sequel to his remake of the classic horror film, and it's a damn good trailer.

There's a bit of a feeling of old school isolation and horror in here and this looks very powerful, I'm actually rather surprised at just how good it looks, see if you agree. I'd really be interested to hear the opinions of people who have seen the first film too.

Credit to AITH, they alerted my presence to it, and when I did a little search to see if there was a better version out there I caught this one which is a little bigger.

Yes the quality is bad, it's steady for the most part, and it's a little dark, but even with that you can see the power in the story and the main character. That whole hospital scene is superb.

What do you think? Has Rob Zombie pulled it off? Is H2: Halloween 2 going to be a corker of a horror film? What do you make of the idea that we're going to finally find out what makes him murder?



I watched the first Halloween earlier this year (in glorious HD) and thoroughly enjoyed. It wasnt exactly a good movie especially compared to the first one but I had a lot of fun watching it. There was a lot of blood, guts and gore, swearing, sex and nudity and really thats about all I expected from it and since thats what it delivered I liked it. This trailer looks very good, certainly looks better then the first one.


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