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H2: Halloween 2 trailer online in HD

H2.jpgThe trailer for H2: Halloween 2 has arrived online in high-definition, and basically a proper version and not the previously caught bootlegged version.

“The secret behind his madness” is what the trailer promises, does it deliver? Well it certainly delivers a lot and from a non-Rob Zombie fan as myself, I think it might have won me over.

The trailer looks a hell of a lot better than the bootlegged version we saw the other day, and it reveals a few more quirks to the story telling that we didn't really understand in that version, but now in high definition this is much, much better and you can grab the nuances of the story within the trailer.

Could this film be breaking the mould of horror remakes? The first sequel of a remake to really work? Here's the trailer for H2: Halloween 2 trailer.

While we're at it, here's the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] where they have it in high definition.

Oh, and thanks to stonecypher for highlighting this, are we looking at the last Rob Zombie Halloween film, as the trailer says, "Rob Zombie completes..."?



Not bad. I really enjoyed the previous Halloween, more so than I thought I would. This does look good, although I'm not too sure about Micheal's mother appearing as a ghost like vision telling him what to do.


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