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Hairspray 2 update

Hairspray.jpgEarlier this year, we heard that Hairspray 2 was still in the works. And that John Waters himself was writing a treatment.

The director of the last film, has given an update on the sequel. But it looks like it is a while away yet.

The last update Adam Shankman gave on Hairspray 2, had him talking about John Waters' treatment. Which Shankman said was pretty crazy, and was more like a sequel to Waters original film. Some of the stuff was so crazy they wouldn't use it. Overall though he loved the treatment, and the fact that it was so different was a good thing.

A few months have passed, and surprisingly not much has changed since then. Shankman says they are only now looking to hire a writer for the sequel.

...there are some really funny ideas, we don’t have a writer for it yet. The group - the producers and myself and the composers - decided on a direction that we want to go in. Because I have no interest in doing something that was going to, it was such a good experience for me that anything that would possibly impugn that experience was absolutely non-gratifying for me. We then sat down and said 'Hairspray 1' worked for this reason, why would we do 'Hairspray 2'? Because you start getting into 'Grease 2'…But there are very funny ideas that me and Mark came up with. John Waters wrote a treatment that was so insane. That was really a sequel to his version of the movie with all the cattle prods and the electro shock therapy, and seaweed. And Penny blew up the world at a certain point out of anger. It was this crazy thing. But we saw it as something to borrow from, so we took some of the less insane ideas. We are just hiring a writer now, and then we will get into it.

It's a little jumbled, but I think the idea is they are looking for a writer now. And we may see some of the more crazy elements of Waters treatment in the script. You might also find yourself watching the sequel in 3-D. Not being a fan of 3-D or musicals, I really couldn't tell you how that one would work out. According to Collider, Shankman thinks it might work.

Yeah, that would be cool in 3D because it has a pop-sensibility. 3D should be regulated to things with a pop-sensibility because that’s the experience you want from those kinds of films. Anything you want really want to think about, you don’t want to see in 3D. You are always struck by the visual elements. Although, think about ‘No Country for Old Men’ in 3D. What would that be like?

It's been quite a while since I watched a film in 3-D, but it's also been quite a while since I've wanted to watch one. I'm sure it does have it's uses though, might be interesting to see how it works out on musical. Looks like you still have a wait ahead of you though, Hairspray fans. Would you want to see the next one in 3-D?



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