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I Love You, Beth Cooper trailer online

ILoveYouBethCooper.jpgFor some all I have to say is Heroes cheerleeder flashing, for others I think it best to tell you what the film I Love You, Beth Cooper is all about, and how, when you watch the trailer, the story will begin to warm to you and latch onto you before you know it.

It stars Hayden Panettiere as the aforementioned Beth Cooper who is the target of every male's desires, and come graduation one of the nerdiest guys in college decides he's going to use his speech to the school to deliver something special, the words “I Love You, Beth Cooper”.

When he does something bizarre happens, she talks to him, and then through fumbling more than anything, she comes round to his house for a party and brings with her two other young ladies of equal beauty and social standing, and the nerds are there to greet them.

She's soon followed by three jocks, one of whom is her ex, and extremely jealous, boyfriend, and events are soon in motion that are bringing the girls and the nerds closer together.

I began watching the trailer with a whole heap of doubt, wondering if this was going to be something dull that we've all seen so many time before, but then, even in this short space of time, I started to feel for the underdog. It wasn't until I read the director's name that I realised why, Chris Columbus. With Adventures in Babysitting, Gremlins and The Goonies to his name, you probably understand why too.

I do like the trailer, and I love the moment that Hayden Panettiere's character flashes him in the changing rooms, or he falls into her lap and sees her panties, or even better when he says that his mum says that and she looks at him and delivers a line she never delivered in Heroes.



Looks above average compared to the tripe we get with a film likes this. It could be good.


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