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Ian Dury biographical film gains cast

IanDury.jpgThe biographical film of the famous Ian Dury has just gained a rather strong list of cast members including Naomie Harris, Ray Winstone, Olivia Williams, Toby Jones, Mackenzie Crook and Noel Clarke.

The film Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll will see Andy Serkis playing Ian Dury, the singer-songwriter who became a huge figure in the British punk scene despite suffering from polio from the age of ten.

In the Mat Whitecross directed and Paul Viragh written film Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Andy Serkis is set to play the lead in what appears to be inspirational casting, and there's a great line up of names appearing behind him.

Announced today by The Hollywood Reporter are Naomi Harris as Dury's girlfriend, Ray Winstone as Ian Dury's father, and other roles played by Olivia Williams, Toby Jones, Mackenzie Crook and Noel Clarke.

Sounds a great line up, and to play such an influential character, not only in terms of punk music and British film as a whole, but also as a great role model, showing what he managed to achieve despite his polio diagnosis at the age of ten.

I'm not a great Dury fan, nor was I a fan of punk, but I can see the attraction in this story as a biographical film, an attraction that has just been raised quite a number of levels by the the stars appearing in the film, particularly Serkis, Harris and the superb Winstone.



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