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Intolerant religious group wants Angels & Demons banned

AngelsandDemons.jpgAnother film about religion, another intolerant religious group calls for the film to be banned and none of its followers to watch it, meanwhile their words help to advertise it even more, as this article proves.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of India is concerned that the film Angels & Demons will harm the spread of Christianity within India, again before they've even seen the film.

The secretary general of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI), Stanislaus Fernandes, has already written to the chair of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) asking of a ban on the film's release, while the CBFC regional officer for India, Vinayak Azaad, told The Hollywood Reporter that the film hasn't even been submitted yet.

“...the CBFC will only come in the picture once we view the film.”

At which point it will receive a certificate. In fact Sony Pictures Releasing India haven't even received a print yet to pass to the certification board.

That isn't good enough for the CBCI, and their spokesperson, Father Babu Joseph, has been quoted as saying:

“This film could seriously hurt religious sentiments...Christianity is not understood by the majority of people in India yet, and many non-Christians may mistake the content as the truth.”

Crediting the audience with absolutely no intelligence to blindly follow the words and images created by a group of people they've never seen, and in most cases, never heard of. Hold on, I'm confused, is that the film or the religion?

This was exactly the case with the release of The Da Vinci Code (Filmstalker review) in India, and the Christian groups were up in arms, however they were appeased when the CBFC requested that Sony Pictures add a statement to the film showing that it was a work of fiction.

A sensible and tolerant approach, and one that in all fairness should be applied to Angels & Demons. A banning would just be close minded, intolerant and ignorant, especially without having seen the film. These stories never change, in fact we not long ago heard that the Catholic League were out to ruin the film as they had attempted with The Da Vinci Code.



I'd be more concerned that the Pope is telling Africans not to use condoms to stop the spread of AIDS rather than worry about what a silly film is going to do to Catholicism. How strong can your religious beliefs be if they can be changed by a Tom Hanks movie? I'd love to give everyone in India a copy of the God Delusion and call it a day.

i must have missed something in the Bible where the message Jesus preached dealt solely in the fact that he died and came back to life 3 days later.

Way i see it, the teachings of Christ are all about compassion, love, charity, understanding, forgiveness and passion in what you know is right in your heart.

if it wasn't about that, i question what good the church was at all.


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