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Johnnie To's Vengeance full trailer online

Vengeance.jpgI've just watched the full trailer for Johnnie To's Vengeance online and it looks action packed and full of passion and anger, and then there's the soundtrack to match. So far it's looking like a great film to keep an eye out for.

It now carries a great blurb too, with the story being of a French chef who arrives in Hong Kong, although he wasn't always a chef, he was once a very dangerous killer, and to avenge the murder of his family he's returning to his old profession, with a Venegance.

The film is directed by Johnnie To, and for those of you who know you'll already be assured of what to expect, and with Vengeance I don't think you'll be disappointed, far from it in fact.

The trailer looks superb and filled with action, so you might not want to watch it in a public place, like work, especially as there's a naked bum sex scene for a brief moment.

Fan of foreign cinema or not, you should watch this trailer, it's really good.



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