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Jonah Hex gains more cast

JonahHex.jpgThe film version of the Jonah Hex comic character really does seem to be coming along well, and with Josh Brolin already on board as Jonah Hex, surviving several changes, John Malkovich the bad guy and Megan Fox as...well probably as some sultry young dame in distress / love interest.

Announced today are Will Arnett and Michael Shannon who will be joining the film, two interesting choices who add to an already strong cast.

Jonah Hex isn't a story I've ever read, but it has caught my interest. The story sees a confederate soldier who has been horrifically scarred and has turned into a bounty hunter with the scar hiding the fact that he has such an honourable nature. Note that the character wasn't a superhero, just a skilled gun slinger. You can read more about the Jonah Hex character on Wikipedia.

Josh Brolin is set to play the lead character of Jonah Hex, John Malkovich is playing the bad guy, a wealthy Southern plantation owner called Turnbull who's son is killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War and he blames Hex.

Interestingly The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Turnbull is trying to raise an army of the undead to liberate the South. Now that immediately turns me off to the story. I didn't think that Hex was supposed to be a superhero and now he has to fight an army of the undead? This is either going to turn into a superhero film or a western zombie film.

Megan Fox is playing Leila who is the typical love interest for Jonah Hex, despite his disfigurement and his loner status, and the news today tells us that Will Arnett is set to play a Union soldier who enlists Hex and is taken aback by the dirty fighting of their enemies.

Michael Shannon is set to play Doc Cross Williams, the ring leader of a brutal gladiator circus event, presumably something that Hex becomes involved in.

Already it's sounding rather strange and much more fantastical than I originally thought when I heard about the character and the story, but then I never read the comic series and perhaps that's different.

Do you think this is going too far? Is this a big departure from the comic book series? Any fans out there of Jonah Hex who can say that this is looking good or bad as yet?

Of course we have to realise that the director is Jimmy Hayward, and his previous and only directorial outing was for Horton Hears a Who?, and that's a really strange change of direction.



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