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Ju-On two sequel trailers online

Grudge.jpgWell that's not strictly true, but the series that resulted in the U.S. remade The Grudge films, is set to continue in Japan with two new films and a videogame just in time for the tenth anniversary, and a teaser trailer for the two new films has arrived online.

Both new films are set for the same release date, Ju-On: Shiroi Roujo and Ju-On: Kuroi Shoujo, and the word is that they will not only change the franchise mythology, but that they are very creepy, something that the teaser does attest to.

The original Ju-On tells the story of the cursed house where a mother and child were murdered by the husband and father, and now their ghosts are held there passing on the pain and death to any of the new inhabitants of the home.

The series continued from there, and the American versions of the films, The Grudge franchise, did exactly the same, except the Japanese versions haven't stopped.

Twitch is reporting that come June 27th we'll see two new films, Ju-On: Shiroi Roujo directed by Ryûta Miyake and Ju-On: Kuroi Shoujo directed by Mari Asato, but both still under the production eye of Takashi Shimizu, creator of the series and writer/director of the first two Japanese and American films, and Taka Ichise, a producer from the the original series who also went on to produce the American franchise.

It sounds like they're making sure that these two tenth anniversary films are given plenty of opportunity to prosper, and that's what the trailer suggests too. Oh, and let's not forget the release of the The Grudge 3 this year, continuing the American version of the franchise.



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