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Kebbell joins Sorcerer's Apprentice

TobyKebbell.jpgToby Kebbell is continuing to keep his career on the Hollywood track, and it looks like his latest work in Prince of Persia has caught him the attention of the producer Jerry Bruckheimer who he'll be working with again on Jon Turteltaub's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The film is based on the classic Disney animated film Fantasia with Mickey Mouse playing the Apprentice that causes havoc in the Sorcerer's workshop as he loses control over his trainee skills. This film is somewhat different though and may have a lot more to bring to the screen.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice will tell the story of a college student who is recruited by a true Sorcerer to become their apprentice and go through a crash course in magic in order to fight against dark forces which are appearing in Manhattan.

Sounds exciting, like a Harry Potter story in America, and already signed up are some big names of Nicholas Cage, Alfred Molina, Jay Baruchel and Teresa Palmer.

The casting announcement from Variety shows that Toby Kebbell is certainly managing to continue his positive streak of roles in Hollywood, and well deserved they are too for he is a strong actor.

Here he is set to play a bad guy, a celebrity illusionist who joins forces with the evil Sorcerer Horvath, played by Molina, on order to gain his knowledge and new powers. So it does sound like a big role in the film as well.



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