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Korean horror Phone (Pon) U.S. remake

Pon.jpgThe Korean horror film Phone is being remade, and by a teaming of a Korean company and an American company, and it's not the standard name associated with Asian remakes, Roy Lee, it's from a production company who worked on Twilight.

Phone follows the story of a woman who buys a new mobile with a new number, and soon she's hearing some strange calls from a another girl. The calls are strange and when she investigates she finds that the previous owners of the same number have died and the original owner mysteriously vanished.

Now don't be thinking this is the film where you get a phone call and die soon afterwards, far from it, and although there are commonalities there are many differences to make this feel like a different enough film, and it's pretty good too.

Sure there are problems with Pon (Phone), I remember rating this an eight out of ten and yet the average IMDB rating currently at just over six, but there are some great moments and strong scares and reveals. It certainly beat the pants off of a lot of western horrors.

Now it looks set to join the ranks of the remakes as Screen Daily reveals that the Seoul production company Mirrorvision are joining with the Los Angeles production company Imprint Entertainment to remake the film originally from the director Ahn Byung-ki who will also be joining as a producer.

Apparently the script is close to being finished, although there's no word on who the writer is, but the film is planned for a 2010 release.

Word is that the production will be formally announced at Cannes, and probably lost beneath a whole heap of other announcements. However it should be worth watching out for.



Aside from The Ring, there hasn't been a single effective J-Horror remake. I have no doubt that a remake of Phone will be complete crap. The original was pretty effective, albiet derivative.

That's true, but isn't that because there's an intrinsic difference between the two styles of cinema, rounded up in a simple word, subtlety.


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