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Less than Zero sequel with original cast?

LessThanZero.jpgBret Easton Ellis wrote Less than Zero in 1985 which was turned into a film in 1987 starring such names as Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, Robert Downey Jr., James Spader and even a short appearance by Brad Pitt no less.

Now Ellis is talking about a sequel and reviving the characters from the original, and if he has his way, the actors who played their roles too.

Right now he's working on the novel sequel to Less than Zero, Imperial Bedrooms, and the main characters are coming back.

“The cast is still around, so it would be really funny to see [them film a sequel]...And this book is pretty dramatic, in terms of how complicated the relationships have gotten in the last twenty years.”

He reveals to MTV that the setting is present day, so that will have allowed the characters to age well in order to fit their characters. However you'll remember from the original novel or film that there was a lot of drinking, drug taking, and general debauchery, and if you think of other morality filled stories half the characters should be dead or struggling with sexual diseases. Perhaps not here though.

“I first thought [they’d be dead] when I started thinking about it; when I began to outline the book and figure out who’s going to be around and who’s not – some of the main people are going to be okay...There was some supporting cast that I realized was expendable – you knew something bad was going to happen to them. But the leads? Yeah, they kind of stuck around.”

So a sequel to Less than Zero? Would it work, and would we really want to see one? Bret Easton Ellis himself considers that it might not work saying that it...

“...can either be a stunt and seem really gimmicky, or it could work out. But I think it would be of interest...Now that I’m finally done with the book I’m thinking ‘God, what if Fox wants to do this as a film?’ Because Fox did the original and I think there’s a rights issue involved…I think it would be a great idea. We’ll see.”

Well I think it's going to be a struggle to get this to the big screen frankly. Story wise I don't think it was the huge hit that would command the desire with the audience to see a sequel, I mean can you remember much more of it over the pool scene?

However there are a couple of things that might push it forward, Robert Downey Jr. for one, James Spader for another, and seeing Andrew McCarthy and Jami Gertz return to the big screen.



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