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Little Shop of Horrors remake happening

LittleShopofHorrors.jpgA remake of Little Shop of Horrors is going to be happening, and what's more it's with the blessing of original director.

Now before you get too excited, make sure you know which version we're talking about, it's not the 1986 version starring Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, James Belushi, John Candy, Christopher Guest and Bill Murray, no, this is the 1960's version with Jack Nicholson.

Roger Corman directed the 1960's Little Shop of Horrors which starred Jack Nicholson, although not as the lead. The film followed a young man who works in a flower store and cultivates a new breed of plant, except this one doesn't want water and plant food, this one wants human blood, and it manages to convince him to lure people to their death so it can grow.

This wasn't a musical though, it was the 1986 version that added those great songs such as “Feed Me Seymour” and became the bigger hit, however Roger Corman's classic from the Charles B. Griffith script was the one that started it.

According to ShockTillYouDrop there's a director already signed up for the remake, and with the blessing of Roger Corman too. Declan O'Brien directed Wrong Turn 3, and a film for television called Cyclops which Roger Corman co-produced.

It seems that Corman liked the film Cyclops so much that he offered O'Brian his entire back catalogue, here's what O'Brien said himself:

"After I did this movie for Roger called Cyclops he was so happy he said, 'This is the best movie that's come through my doors in 20 years, so here's my catalogue, pick something else.'"

...and he picked Little Shop of Horrors. The surprising news isn't that though, nor is it that Corman will produce alongside Bourne Identity producer Andrew Tennenbaum, no the real surprise is that this will be a studio film, and that means it's much bigger than a Roger Corman original.

Could the new Little Shop of Horrors be getting a big budget and big star treatment? I'm not sure if it will get to be that big, but one thing is true, this isn't going to be the musical version.



Oh great, another horrible remake of a horrible remake of a horrible movie. Who thinks this is a good idea and who in the world would be interested in seeing this awful material again?

I rather like the Frank Oz version. Was it Frank Oz? I think so. Good songs and a fab puppet. But as for remaking it as non-musical version. Pah! Dull.

But consider this, if Filmstalker stopped covering remakes and only reported on original films, how much news would these pages have? Not much mate.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a screenplay for the remake of 'Night of the Lepus' to work on.

Shhh! I'm hunting wabbits.

I liked the musical version, still do, lots of fun to be had watching that I agree.

You're right Mark, if I stopped that then the news would drop by about 40-50%, but that might be a good thing and I could work on the site development and more editorial!

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