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Lynch's Hisss trailer online

JenniferLynch.jpgI had not heard anything about this film from Jennifer Lynch, after Boxing Helena she went quiet for a very long time, then we just saw Surveillance appear, a film that proved much better for her than Helena, and now I’ve just heard about Hisss.

Hisss is a film that Lynch made in India, making a Bollywood fantasy-horror film which was based on legends of a snake woman who comes to avenge ill-doing, and a trailer has arrived online and it’s looking really interesting.

What is surprising about Hisss is that there seems to be a fair amount of horror and sex in a film made in Bollywood, and a Jennifer Chambers Lynch film with horror and sexual content in it just don’t seem to mix well with the ideas of Bollywood and Bollywood stars.

However mix they do as you watch Mallika Sherawat play the lead of the snake woman and a few appearances from Irrfan Khan. Judging from the trailer you can see a fair amount of horror and sexual content, and that makes it look far from a Bollywood film, and much more like an Asian horror.

The trailer is rather interesting, and although I’ve seen it disappear from a couple of sites, Twitch have it online and allowed it to be embedded. You can see it right here.

I wonder if it’s just the trailer that’s pitching this more in the Hollywood horror market than in the Bollywood accepted film? I wonder how much it is going to push the boundaries.



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