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Macdonald directing Asmov's End of Eternity

KevinMacdonald.jpgKevin Macdonald, the director who has brought us The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review), State of Play and is currently working on Eagle of the Ninth, has set his eyes on his next project, and it's ramping up the stakes once again.

He's now going to do a science fiction film, and he's going right in at the deep end by adapting an Isaac Asimov novel, The End of Eternity.

The Isaac Asimov novel, The End of Eternity (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), tells a story from which you could pull a number of other stories and films that have come since. It follows that of Andrew Harlan, a man who is known as an Eternal, a group of people who are specially chosen and are the ruling class of the future, or rather the present. Their job is to go through time and alter any changes that might have repercussions in order to keep the world in order, and in time, and that could be anything from moving a physical item to ending someone's life.

However during his travelling he does something that Eternals are not allowed to do, he falls in love and with emotion ruling over him he begins to use his powers over time to manipulate their lives in order to ensure he and his new found partner can stay together forever.

The novel sounds interesting, and it's not one that I've read before, and I have absolutely no doubt that Kevin Macdonald can take this story from the complex book that it is undoubtedly to a shortened film version. I think the news from Variety is positive news and marks another great choice on

What will be interesting is to find out who the writer is on the project, for their task will be equally as hard, perhaps even harder, making a modern script out of a rich Asimov novel.



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