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Madsen takes on sexist Olympians

VirginiaMadsen.jpgVirginia Madsen, an actress who I have the biggest crush on, is taking on a film that could have a huge impact on the sporting world, even before it's made. She's producing a documentary that is looking into the International Olympics Committee exclusion of women from the sport of ski jumping, even in the 2010 Olympics.

The documentary follows fifteen female athletes who are battling the IOC to allow women to compete in the sport and the current case in Canadian courts that hopes to end this sexist decision.

I was surprised when I read that female ski jumpers aren't allowed to enter the Olympics, after all this is 2010 and we're battling injustices of the modern day, not something from the days of the Suffragettes.

However it is true, and Virginia Madsen's production company Title IX is co-producing the documentary Fighting Gravity along with Empire 8 Productions and Screen Siren, Alex Mar will direct. Through Variety Madsen says:

“To think that in 2009, in a celebrated, international event like the Olympics, women are still dealing with discrimination is pretty shocking...We knew instantly we wanted to throw our support behind this project and get the word out there. ”

Well it's working. I'm shocked and surprised, and I hope that the documentary spurs the courts on to make the right decision, and that would be to let women compete in all events in the Olympics, not just the ones that the IOC decide.

What's going to be really interesting about this film is how the real life, yet to be made decision, is going to affect how the film performs and plays out. Let's hope it's the right way in both film and court.



Yeah, another example how women want equal rights but no responsibility.

I wonder how much she'll point out that these women decided that they shouldn't have to follow the same rules as every other sport just because of their gender.

I know, I know.. if we don't kiss their bums then they think its discrimination. God forbid we treat them as equals and expect them to live up to the same standards.

Well is the point not that the IOC aren't treating them as equals because they aren't letting them compete? Or are you saying that the women who want to compete want different rules to the men?


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