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McG directing a musical?

McG.jpgYes it's hard to believe, but it seems as thought McG is setting himself up to produce and direct a big screen version of the Broadway rock musical Spring Awakening from author and lyrics writer Steven Sater (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), who is also signed up to work on McG's version.

The musical comes from Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik who based the musical on an 1891 German play about a group of teenagers who are just beginning to discover their sexuality and dealing with all sorts of sexual issues.

Sounds like an interesting project for McG, and definitely a far opposite of his latest film Terminator Salvation. I wonder if this is a concerted effort to really diversify his film career or not?

Remember that McG has come from a musical background as The Hollywood Reporter reminds us that he was a songwriter and producer, working on Sugar Ray's first album, and then moving into music video work before turning his attention to film. He's also been producing a good number of television shows that appeal to a younger audience, so perhaps this isn't such a breakaway for him?

I have to say that with what we're seeing of Terminator Salvation I'd be more willing than ever to see him working on different projects and finding out if he has a lot more to bring.

Steven Sater is attached to develop Spring Awakening along with McG who is going to direct with his company producing, so it all hinges on if they can find the backing and a studio to bring it forward.

It's certainly an interesting idea, but I can see the story being taken into the modern day with a huge crash, I don't see them keeping it based on a nineteenth century group of teens in a German school do you? Definitely not if it goes with a big studio, they'll want a rock musical version of The O.C. or something equally as formulaic – Dawson's Creek, the Musical?



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