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Men in Black franchise to continue

MeninBlack.jpgIt seems that the Men in Black franchise is set to continue despite the long wait, eight or nine years in fact, depending on when they actually manage to release the film and indeed if it every happens.

Yet of the franchises that they could have continued with Will Smith and the ones that he would probably want to continue over any others, they've chosen Men in Black? Over Bad Boys?

The news is everywhere but I've just not found the desire to write something about it until now, as soon as I started thinking what this meant and what it would mean for Will Smith's career, if it is the fact that Smith is to return.

Right now all we know is that Men in Black 3 has been put on the production slate for Sony, I took the news from ComicBookMovie, there's no mention of whether Will Smith is involved.

However could they really make a Men in Black 3 without Will Smith and not to mention Tommy Lee Jones? I can tell you one thing they can sure as hell make it without that dog.

Of course if they can hand over the Ghostbusters franchise they can easily pass over the Men in Black one, after all there are more than the three Men in Black we've been following, unlike Ghostbusters.

However if they are getting the old cast back the question remains, why is Will Smith doing this film at this stage of his career? After all some of his recent films spell something otherwise, The Pursuit of Happyness, I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), Hancock and Seven Pounds. Not to mention all the production work he's doing these days.

Then there's his latest film, Monster Hunter, the story of a child psychologist who has the ability to see the monsters that all the children fear, the ones that hide in the cupboards and under the stairs, and helps scare them away, until he meets one very strong one.

Now that sounds like a change back in direction, before then I would have thought he would wanted to stay with the more serious films and acting, but apparently not, he's quite happy returning to the more comic and younger audience roles, so does that mean Men in Black might be a possibility?

I'd frankly welcome a Bad Boys continuation over a Men in Black one, but then MiB isn't that bad is it? Especially if they do get the cast back? If they don't mind you and they do recast the film, it's surely not going to be as strong as the other MiB films is it?



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