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Milk banned on DVD

Milk.jpgIt's hard to understand why anyone would ban the film Milk considering it is such an important film about human rights and how antiquated and intolerant the supposed free world can still be, but it's happened, even if it is in a small country.

The film censorship board in Samoa has banned the DVD of Milk from being distributed.

The film Milk (Filmstalker review) is not only important but it's a strong film too, and Sean Penn even won an Oscar for his portrayal of the lead character Harvey Milk, but the Samoan film censorship board obviously didn't agree, and for some reason have banned the film from being shown.

There's perhaps one big reason, and that's because the film is about rights for gay people. Other than that I can't see what else the film would show that anyone could possibly cause a group to ban the film.

However, according to WENN through Digital Spy, there's a growing voice against the ban, and the Samoan human rights activist Ken Moala has spoken out about the decision.

“I do not think it should be banned. It is basically a documentary about the human endeavour to conquer something that people tend to discriminate against. It's really harmless, I don't know how it would affect [the] Samoan lifestyle.”

The film tells the story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay public official elected to serve in office in California. His attempts were a struggle to get where he did, and when he did get there he was a very political man who achieved many great things, including helping to fight off the Christian led U.S. wide movement to ban homosexuals, or friends of homosexuals, from working in education.

However another official shot and killed both him and the Mayor of San Francisco for what would seem like petty resentment at being out of favour and losing his job to Milk's more political hungry career.

So why that story has been banned is beyond me, even the shooting is filmed with the minimal of violence and almost all of it off camera. There remains only one aspect of the film that could possibly be the reason, and in this day and age that's quite pathetic.



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